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Young Adults

CKYA is an effort to give "post college pre family" young adults a synagogue to belong to and a community to join of like-minded peers.

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What You Get Access to as a Kehillah Member

The purpose of Congregation Kehillah is to provide a “Community” for Jews and their spouses/partners and families to come together for purposes of fostering their Jewish identity, living Jewishly, pursuing social justice and engaging in learning, all within a nurturing environment, more personal than institutional, designed to promote spirituality, camaraderie and respect for the needs of others.

Connection to Rabbi Bonnie

Ever wish you had a rabbi to talk to about something going on in your life or about a question you've pondered as a jew? Now you do.

Access To Services

By joining CKYA, you will have a home when it comes to Friday night services as well as for all Jewish holidays.

Shabbat Dinners & Brunches

We get together for dinner and drinks on Shabbat or for brunch the next morning. Enjoy some Jewish learning, good people, & great food.

Jewish Learning Fellowships

We put together specific fellowships that target the unique interests of our members. Our first two will be focused on the month of Elul and Entrepreneurship.

Monthly Outdoor Events

As a part of CKYA, when we host events though our Facebook community "Jews Who Hike & Camp", we will cover your gas fee and coordinate the logistics for hiking and camping trips.

Concerts & Sporting Events

Every month or so, we like to host events at Footprint Arena in the Seedscout Suite. You have access to all these events we host.

Founded By A Jewish Couple Who Noticed A Gap

The CKYA is founded by Mat & Madeline Sherman, who grew up in the valley and met while serving as staff at the Hillel Jewish Student Center at ASU. After leaving Hillel, we found it difficult to find a congregation to call home in the valley. After hearing that this was a problem other had as well, we partnered with Congregation Kehillah to solve a major gap in Phoenix.

Dive Deeper With Interest Specific Fellowships

The Elul Fellowship

Interested in diving deep into your judaism and reflecting before the High Holidays this year? Join Madeline's fellowship on jewish identity. She brings over a decade of experience in helping others explore Jewish text as a former Hillel and IYUN educator.

The Entrepreneurship Fellowship

Interested in tech entrepreneurship? Learn how to take the first step from Mat who has raised $500,000 from people like Eric Ries & Jason Calacanis to build tech companies and explore the Jewish perspective on business ethics.

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Meet The Team

Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman
The Rabbi
Renee Joffe
Madeline Sherman
CKYA Co-Lead
Mat Sherman
CKYA Co-Lead & Songleader

Upcoming CKYA Events

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Spend Your High Holidays With Us For $54

The CKYA program gets you access to a synagogue, a rabbi, a peer group, and an opportunity to level up as a jew, professional, and local to Phoenix. We would love to have you as a part of the CKYA program. You can sign up below OR email us if you have any questions. Hope to see you around!

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